“The PNG Institute of Architects was formed soon after PNG Independence in 1975. Foundation Member Michael Simpson of Higgin Lloyd Architects (that later became the well-known firm Pacific Architects Consortium) recounted that the Port Moresby based architects had first band-ed together and formed an institute to help them battle against a government plan to construct a Container Port in downtown Port Moresby.

Their bid failed, but the Institute went from strength to strength, acting as the ‘club’ of the Architects. In 1989, the Institute persuaded the government to bring in the Architects (Registration) Act, to ensure that only properly qualified people could call them-selves ‘architects’.

After Independence the institute was dominated by expatriates, but by the 1990s and ever since, it is Papua New Guineans who have steered the course of the profession.”

Recollection by Derek Smith of Tusitala Architects

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