The Objectives for which the PNGIA is established are:


a. The advancement of architecture.
b. The examination of applications for membership.
c. To represent generally the views of the profession to preserve and maintain its integrity and status and to suppress dishonorable and unprofessional conduct or practice.
d. To afford means of adjusting professional differences and to decide all questions of usage or courtesy in connection with the profession.
e. To promote good understanding and friendly interaction amongst the members.
f. To watch over, protect and promote the interest of the profession generally.
g. To increase the confidence of the public in the profession.
h. To encourage the study of Architecture.
i. To declare what in the opinion of the Institute are reasonable fees to be charged by architects for their services.
j. To bring before and confer with government and other authorities and public bodies and associations on all matters affecting architecture.
k. To originate and promote improvements in the law and to support or oppose alterations therein and to effect improvements in administration matters connected with architecture and for those purposes to take such steps and proceedings as may be deemed expedient or

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